• Faith-based support for parents
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Guidance in overcoming blocked care

As an adoptive mom, TBRI Practitioner, and spiritual director, I offer coaching deeply rooted in my faith in Christ. While I enjoy providing parenting guidance, my primary interest is in supporting you, the parent. Parenting often requires more than we ever imagined. I’m here to support you as you walk through the joys and challenges of this unique parenting experience.

Before we schedule a time to meet, let me tell you a little about myself and the different ways I can serve you.

Most parents come to me feeling discouraged and tired. Sometimes they’re scared and not sure they can go on. 

Many parents are grieving the loss of the life and family they had. They are grappling with the gap between what they expected their life to be and the reality of what is happening in their family.

Often parents are experiencing something called blocked care and while they continue to provide for their child’s needs, their heart seems to have left. They may hardly recognize the parent they’ve become.

And to touch on the deepest pain, sometimes parents wonder where God is in all of this. 

Serving adoptive/foster/kinship parents is my calling. As a wife for 40 years, parent for 37 years, and adoptive parent for 17 years, I’ve experienced the highest joys and deepest sorrows of being a mom. Jesus has given me the courage and hope needed to stay the course.

I would be honored to walk alongside you in your journey as a parent.

Private Coaching

I offer private coaching to parents primarily interested in focusing on their own emotional and spiritual health. Parenting at this intensity requires pouring energy into your children. I want to pour into you and help you find hope and endurance for the journey.

Parents tell me it’s a relief to be completely honest about their struggles. They appreciate that I share wisdom gained over decades of parenting my crew. They have confidence in my experience as a TBRI Practitioner and the knowledge I have about the nervous system, and parenting children with early adversity. Most of all, many parents are thankful to know I seek wisdom from God as I support them.

Cost: $600 (4-session package)

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Group Coaching

I also offer the Reclaim Compassion group coaching program for overcoming blocked care.

Reclaim Compassion [for moms and dads]


The Hope Circle [faith-based and for moms only]

I look forward to connecting with you.